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Meet, Teff, a super-grain from Ethiopia!

One cup of teff offers








for one's daily nutritional intake

Haile Gebreselassie

Ethiopian runner; 6 times Olympic Gold and World Championship title winner; 7 time Marathon winner

"Teff is the untold secret of Ethiopian runners."

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Our line of Teff products

  • Offers a wide variety of nutrients: Not just protein but fiber, iron, calcium and vitamin C.
  • Leaves you feeling fuller for longer
  • More energy to get you through the day

Our very own Instant Teff-meal: Coming Soon!

Our delicious teff-meal is great to start your day, put it in your smoothie or sprinkle it over your salad. 

Coming soon

Life is a marathon, not a Sprint. We are almost at the finish line to bring to you our delicious and nutritious product.

goTeff transforms lives

goTeff tells the beautiful story of Ethiopia and its people. The cradle of humankind and the birthplace of coffee beans, Ethiopia also boasts the amazing super-grain teff. Since its first cultivation 4000 years ago, teff has become the staple grain of Ethiopians and the world-class endurance runners amongst them. May it fuel your success as it has theirs! With every purchase you make with goTeff, we invest our profits with Ethiopian farmers to increase their yield. This bag of Teff is proudly prepared by an Ethiopian farmer who has grown this grain for generations. Not only is this bag of Teff transforming lives, it will transform your palete as well. Take it from the 100 million people of Ethiopia whose staple diet is also this amazing grain. Needless to say, it’s delicious. Here's teff, from our home to yours.



The legend of teff told by our Ethiopian ancestors

July 12, 2018
Super Food for Super Impact
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